Weak Hands and Feeble Knees

by Rich Giberti

A thought from my world today…

In dealing w long term, chronic conditions I have looked at the scriptures so many ways for MY path

There is healing – gradual & by degree, n miraculous (of which I’ve experienced both)

There are also trials for testing & growth, and trials for correction

When physical/mental living is a struggle, the mind, and faith weaken and the “why” of the broken condition becomes uncertain, and therefore the path to “how” also is uncertain

As I was reading this A.M., this scripture from Hebrews 12:12 intrigued me

Is Paul speaking literally of strengthening, and rehabilitation of the body? Is it JUST a metaphor?

In my condition, as I’ve said I am familiar w the working and power of the Spirit in my past, and no stranger to miracles, and for this I prayed n prayed

But when no immediate answer is present, I’ve had periods of doubting, fear, and depression that left me stuck…

I’ve shied away from Paul’s third prayer of specific healing, and path of courageous acquiescence

And I’ve also looked at lessons to be learned, other ways God empowers to live and act besides in a whole and healed body

For now, the injuries in my neck n head are what they are…

My takeaway?

But there are LOTS of other areas that I CAN work on, rehab, strengthen, n in so doing improve everything else

And there are “friends”, those who stick closer than a brother, who never let go, that will put you on a stretcher and haul you to Jesus, or will wait with you as you wait for the Angel to come and stir the waters

You all have helped, and are helping to strengthen my hands that hung down inactive, and to brace up my knees to serve God and humanity in some capacity — thank you

Spurgeon (sermon #243–1859) speaks of this weakness and offers timeless insight:

“John Bunyan (in Pilgim’s Progress) represents Christian as coming to the foot of the hill Difficulty, and he says, “I looked then after Christian, to see him go up the hill, where I perceived he fell from running to going, and from going to clambering upon his hands and knees, because of the steepness of the place.”

“Many such a place you and I have had to pass, brother Christians. Once we could run along the walls of salvation with triumphant faith; at other times we could walk even through the valley of the shadow of death with quiet confidence: but we have come to a place of trial and of extraordinary difficulty, where all speed failed us, and strength did not suffice.

Then always on our knees in agony of prayer, and always on our hands in simplicity of faith, we climbed our weary way, often fearing lest we should fall backward to out destruction, but crying out, “Lord, let my knee find a resting place, let my hand hold on some projecting crag of promise, that there I may get a fast hold, lest I totter and fall.

I can but ascend slowly.”

“My heart followeth hard after thee, my spirit crieth after thee; Lord, help me! help me to climb this way, for back I cannot go.”


Rich Giberti