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a) School Hours
School Hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:

0755 AM - Warning Bell for Start of School
0800 AM - Second Bell, Start of School
0800-0815 AM - Homeroom I
0815 - 0935 AM - Period 1 (Core)
0935 - 0940 AM - Break
0940 - 1100 AM - Period 2 (Core)
1100 - 1135 AM - Lunch
1140 AM - 1300 PM - Period 3 (Core)
1305 -1325 PM - Homeroom II
M-W-F: 1330 - 1510 PM - Period 5
T-TH: 1330 - 1410 PM - Period 4 and
1415 - 1450 PM - Period 5
1450 PM - School Ends
1450 - 1500 PM - Pickup of Students

1300 PM Wednesday Early Dismissal

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b) Attendance Policy

Directly related to successful academic achievements by students is regular, consistent attendance. Students' participation and presence during class discussions, group projects, and viewing or listening to audiovisual materials is essential. It is impossible to gain the full significance of any class sessions through make-up work. Therefore, school attendance is of utmost importance and primarily the responsibility of the students and parents.

During the School year, a child will be allowed six (6) absences without a doctor's note in a semester for each class. After six absences the student will have his/her grade reduced by a letter grade. When the reduction process results in the student receiving an "NC" (no credit), the student will lose credit for the class for the semester. Students who have lost credit due to excessive absences may remain in the class to continue their educational experience. By remaining in the class and continuing to do the assigned work, the student avoids receiving an "F" grade, which would have an adverse effect on overall grade-point average (NC does not effect G.P.A.). If the student's behavior becomes a problem, she/he will earn an "F" grade and may be suspended or expelled from school.

High school student will be required to make up any "NC" or "F" grades in order to meet graduation requirements; middle school & elementary students will face review by the Governing Board with probable disciplinary actions such as detention, suspension, expulsion and/or repeat of a grade. Parent/Guardians will be notified by phone and/or regular mail after the third (3rd) and sixth (6th) absences respectively during the semester.

*Excused Absences
Absence will not count against the student when they result from one of the following excused absences:
1. Participation in a school related activity
2. Suspension for misconduct
3. Absence due to illness, accident or disease, when the absence is certified by a health care professional licensed under A.R.S. 32-13 or 17.
4. Religious holidays which require the student not to attend school
5. All other absences are considered unexcused.

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Whenever a student is absent from school, the parent/guardian must notify the Attendance Office in writing. The parent must indicate the date, time and reason for the absence. The note must accompany the student upon his or her return. It will be placed in their attendance folder and reviewed if an appeal for credit is necessary. Parents will be notified when a student has been absent three and six days during the semester. A Petition for Class Assignments must be made for any extended non-school activities (i.e.: funerals, seminars, family, emergencies, etc.)
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*Loss of Credit
A student who is absent six (6) times from a class during a semester shall not receive credit for that class. A student who has accumulated six (6) unexcused absences in each of three classes and has reached the age of sixteen or has completed the tenth grade may be dropped from school.
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*Appeal Process for Credit
Loss of credit may be appealed by a parent. If there are extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student, an appeal committee composed of one administrator and two teachers will hear the appeal. If the committee has verified that extenuating circumstances are involved, they may recommend to the Principal that the policy be waived for a student. The recommendation will also contain an explanation of the unusual circumstances involved.

If the parents are not satisfied with the committees' decision, they may appeal to the Director within three school days. The Principal will schedule a hearing as soon as practical.

If the parents are not satisfied with the Director's decision, they may appeal to the school board within three days. Their appeal shall be in the form of a letter, which shall describe in detail all objections to the Superintendents' and committees' decision. The Governing Board shall consider this appeal within twenty-five days of receipt of the appeal.

A student who is appealing the attendance decision shall remain in the class and audit the class. It the student has an unexcused absence during the appeal process, the appeal shall be dropped and the student loses credit for the course or courses. If a student has been removed from a class with a loss of credit, the student may be placed in a study hall for the remainder of the semester. The student will be expected to follow the rules of the study hall or face suspension for the remainder of the semester.
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c) Passes for Leaving School

TLC Charter School is a closed campus. Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds at any time during the school day without a pass from the attendance office. If you must leave the campus because of illness, doctor/dentist appointments or any other emergency, you must sign out at the attendance office. Failure to follow proper procedure will be considered an unexcused absence.

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d) Registration

Registration for the following years' classes is held in the spring, usually the last week in April. Information pertaining to registration is given to all students before registration. For new students and for students who fail to register in the spring, registration is held in August, approximately two weeks before the start of school. Registration information should be discussed with your parents.

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e) Withdrawal

When you plan to withdraw from school, you must obtain checkout forms from the office at least one day before your last day of attendance. If you plan to transfer to another school it is especially important that you have a release of records form signed by one of your parents before you withdraw. It is also important that you turn in all books. Your transcript (record of courses taken, grades and credits earned) will not be sent to your next school unless a release of records is on file and all fees have been paid.

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f) Change of Address, Emergency Information

Please notify the office and/or secretary of any change in address, telephone number or emergency contacts. It is very important for the Center to have a telephone number where parents/guardians can be reached in the event of an emergency.

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g) Emergencies

In the event of an emergency, every attempt will be made to contact parents or emergency contacts if a student requires immediate medical attention. The emergency card on file in the school office lists emergency contacts. School staff will follow the parent's direction as closely as possible on the emergency card.

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h) Accidents

If a serious injury occurs on the school grounds, parents will be notified and asked to pick up the child from school for personal observation or examination by the family physician. Parent(s) will be promptly notified for other injuries. In the event that parents cannot be reached, the student will be released to the person named on the emergency card. It is critical that the emergency card be completed and up-to-date.

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i) Medication

Parents/guardians are required by state law to inform the school of medications that are to be taken by the child during school hours. Current dosage and the name of the supervising physician are needed.

The school must receive:
1. Permission to administer the medication.
2. Medication in the original pharmaceutical container.
3. Medicine kept locked up in the office.
4. Medication is administered only at the times indicated on the pharmaceutical container.
For the protection of your child and others, students who are ill should stay home. If a student becomes ill during school hours, a parent or guardian will be notified and asked to take the student home.

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j) Report Cards

Report cards are mailed home quarterly, usually within two weeks of the end of the quarter. Mid-term reports are also mailed home four times a year, in the middle of each quarter.

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k) Graduation

Students must successfully complete all graduation requirements and satisfy all outstanding financial and time obligations in order to participate in commencement exercises. Students may be denied the privilege of participating in commencement if they fail to attend scheduled practices or engage in behavior deemed inappropriate by the administration.

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l) Telephones

The office telephone is a business phone and should be used by students for emergencies only. Permission must be obtained before use. Parents should not call school except in cases of real emergency.

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m) Visitors
The following guidelines are established to permit visitors to observe the educational program with minimal disruption:

A. All visitors must register at the office upon their arrival at school.
B. If the visitor wishes to observe a classroom, the time shall be arranged with the teacher.
C. If the purpose of the classroom visitation is to observe learning and teaching activities, the visitor may be asked to confer with the teacher before and/or after the observation to enhance understanding of the activities.
D. The teacher may withhold approval if particular events such as testing would be adversely affected by a visit. Similarly, if a visitor's presence becomes disruptive, the teacher may withdraw approval. In either case, the teacher shall give reasons for the action.
E. If a dispute arises regarding limitations upon or withholding of approval for visits:
1) The visitor shall first discuss the matter with the teacher;
2) If it is not satisfactorily resolved, the visitor may request a meeting with the Superintendent. The latter shall promptly meet with the visitor, investigate the dispute and render a written decision, which shall be final, subject only to the citizen's right to raise an issue in open meeting at a regular session of the board.

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In the event of an emergency, every attempt will be made to contact parents or emergency contacts if a student requires immediate medical attention. The emergency card on file in the school office lists emergency contacts. School staff will follow the parent's direction as closely as possible on the emergency card.

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