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Academic Year 2005-06

August 20, 2005

Dear Students, Parents, Staff, and Community Members:

With nearly 100 students getting ready for the 2005-06 TLC Charter School, I am enthusiastically looking forward to continuing our journey together. Families continue to return year after year and refer us to others because we are committed to excellence, we truly care and our students succeed.

I intend to continue our focus on student achievement. TLC has made significant strides since our start four years ago, especially under our talented and committed leadership. This legacy is evidenced in the continued additional funding through multiple grant awards, the range of programs that have been created and improved on, as well as state-of-the-art technology like hardware (computers, SMART boards, wireless networks), grading programs and appropriate access to information electronically. All our academic programs are aligned with the State’s standards including the use of standards- aligned, state-approved textbooks and materials. Even our new internet-delivered High School program (PerformanceELearning.com) is developed for and aligned to Arizona state standards. While great gains were made in student achievement during 2004-05, further improvements must occur. I will continue to work to align our resources with our need to provide each student within our system the supports necessary to achieve success. During 2005-06 we will again work to improve outcomes in all subject areas, but in particular, in the area of math and writing.

As you likely know, our school system is considered a “learner-centered” environment. Gone are the days where education performance was measured in what teachers taught. Today, our performance is measured in what our children learn.

In order to make sure our kids learn as much as they can and our teachers are reaching those students in the best way possible, the school environment will remain safe. Our children and staff will continue to view their school as a safe place to take risks, to discover, to be stretched in learning new concepts and skills, and to pursue dreams, as they prepare for life.

It is vital, however, that you – as the parent of a TLC Charter School student – also join us in our work ahead. Your level of involvement with your child is a clear factor in your child’s eventual success. I urge you to do what you can – whether it’s coming to Open House, Parent-Teacher Meetings, Field Trips – or by simply volunteering on a project here and there. When your child sees you become involved in school activities, it sends your child the message that you believe school is important.

I look forward to forging a strong partnership with you in 2005-06 and anticipate a banner year for teaching and learning at TLC. Thank you for your continued support of TLC Charter School and our commitment to continuously improve our school system to meet the needs of all of our students, while having a LOT of fun.


Tina Giberti, Director

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